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Our dedicated SAS Centres offer personalised services for a wide range of clients, both children and adults, tackling conditions such as Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity and Dyslexia, but also Asperger's Syndrome, Autism and Down's Syndrome. Many clients see us to enhance their life, boost their study or work achievements, or improve their relationships and emotional well-being. We work closely with a number of hospitals and rehabilitation centres to reduce the effects of age-related disorders and stroke recovery. Currently there are SAS Centres in the U.K., The Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Australia.

For parents who do not live within reach of one of our Centres or an Accredited SAS Practitioner, we make SAS At Home courses available for personal home use. Check out our SAS At Home page for more information.

All our dedicated SAS Centres are there to answer your questions and guide you in your search for practical effective solutions. Please give us a call.


tel: 020 3239 4880 (U.K. +44)
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England

SAS Poland

tel: 033 858 26 02 (Poland +48)
Cieszyn, Poland

SAS Turkey

tel: 0312 236 65 65 / 236 65 69 (Turkey +90)
Ankara, Turkey

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